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Wolfram Ventures provides venture capital funding and technical expertise to select companies. We are investors and technology partners.

An investment from Wolfram Ventures also means access to hundreds of engineers, deep domain expertise and partnership to help you build your vision.

Investment Strategy

Wolfram Ventures invests in early-stage businesses that have potential for extremely rapid value creation.

We partner and invest in self-driven teams looking for capital, development and scaling. We leverage Wolfram's 800+ experts, unique network and arsenal of technical capabilities to evaluate opportunities and accelerate growth.

Unfair Advantage

An investment from Wolfram Ventures offers more than capital.

Our family of companies has delivered extraordinary results for thousands of companies by drawing upon teams of developers and mathematicians, extensive cloud infrastructure, custom API capabilities and a passion for building great products. Our deep domain expertise and technical capabilities can accelerate portfolio companies and reduce technical risk.

Wolfram companies include over 800 people, an international footprint, world-class mathematical and software talent and connections to industry, governments and global academia. Access top PhDs, engineers and developers without lengthy talent searches. Leverage cloud computing, machine learning and app development as needed.

We offer a unique platform, and we care about nurturing a network of innovative people and companies who share our vision.


We are looking for ambitious companies in every field, with particular focus in the areas where we are strong:

Networked systems of sensors, analysis, visualization & controls

Wolfram approach to the Internet of Things Wolfram Data Drop

web services with superhuman knowledge

Wolfram|Alpha Wolfram Knowledgebase

Software development, deployment & blockchain

Wolfram Language Wolfram Data Framework Wolfram Algorithmbase

Engineering, mechanical control systems, electronics design

Control systems Mechanical engineering Electrical engineering

Industrial applications

Geocomputation Industry solutions

Computational x for all x

Every industry is being revolutionized by computation. Machine learning, distributed sensors and controls, integration and knowledge-based programming are rapidly changing every industry. Opportunities abound.